Distribution and Sales for Film and Series

Film projects are much more than being on set or “Shooting.” They’re a piece of legitimate business. The success of your project – and whether your artistry reaches an audience – depends on treating your film, like a business throughout the process from development, casting, production, marketing and sales. Even after the film is distributed, managing your assets, revenues and LLC issues long-term, is our focus for you. It’s hard to wear a business hat when you’re in the midst of creativity, that’s when you rely on Conduit.

Looking for investment or producers?

It’s your film, your concept, your vision. We help you communicate your vision in a concrete and enticing way so that you have the best chance of attracting financing or producers. What’s your PITCH look like to objective outsiders? We’ve handled over 40 films collectively and speak the language of investors and producers, so let Conduit enhance your pitch and shape it to the specs and needs of the industry.

Once you get financed, everyone is going to want a piece of your budget. We’ll help you spend it wisely, with an eye toward the entire life of the project. The Conduit team has experience on set, in budget analysis, and can help you maximize the dollars, and minimize unnecessary expenses.

Need help handling your investors?

Investor relations is an art. There are an infinite number of moving parts, potential problems everywhere, and opportunities that you might miss unless you know where to look.

Investors aren’t just check writers – they are most often smart, experienced business men and women looking at your film for a reason: and that reason has a lot to do with commercial sales ability, and your bottom line. Do the numbers make sense, and match the creative vision? Whether it’s love of film, a desire to try a new field, or a personal relationship, investors ALWAYS come with their own unique set of goals. The Conduit team has worked with numerous investors and understands how to navigate these waters. You’ll want someone to help make sure you tap their expertise but protect your own interests in the process. Let Conduit be the buffer between you and your investors.

We have the understanding and finesse to help you convince investors they made a great bet, and help you get the best deal, while also managing the expectations of all parties involved.

Need production help?

There’s a lot of strategy involved: managing the budget, negotiating contracts, juggling timelines and requirements, bringing on trustworthy key hires, and the strategy behind casting.

To achieve your vision, you have to specialize in turning roadblocks into opportunity. Of course, the effort this requires takes away from your ability to make your film, and that’s where we can help. We won’t drag on about production, you probably already have a firm grip on how it all works. Simply know that Conduit’s team is a team of PRODUCERS, and so lean on us during the critical times of filmmaking…and that often starts during development. Bring Conduit on board, before the headaches begin, and let us help you map out a strategy to avoid major roadblocks.

Looking for distribution and sales?

We bring our connections to the table, from distribution and sales to PR to festival strategy and anything else the project needs. We’ve been there, done that, and we have a stable of pros we work with, who are anxious to hear about the next great project with the “it” factor.

On top of that, we know how to speak the language that distribution, sales, PR, and festivals want to hear. We know what they’re looking for, what works in the marketplace, and how to position it for maximum exposure and success.

Distribution and Sales and Marketing are not synonymous…they’re all a part of an intricate, constantly evolving strategy on how to approach the business. It’s Conduit’s job to align these things, and to find the best position for your film.

Are you sure you have a complete strategy?

There is a significant amount of strategy throughout making a film, and all of it creates opportunity in the form of “IF.”

If you make it into a high profile festival, we’ll help you decide how best to take advantage of that. And if you’ve been with us throughout the process, you would already have budget set aside for opportunities like this.

And that’s just one “if.” Distribution, foreign sales, marketing efforts, your own grassroots options…all of it mix together into a dizzying array of “if” that can swing good or bad, depending on how it’s handled. We’re here to make sure all those ifs are handled well.

The cold hard truth is that the market doesn’t care about your vision.  It cares about making money, about filling quotas, and about expanding business.  But the good news is that it will give you its attention IF you know how to approach it.

So now what?

How about getting in touch?