Distribution and Sales for Film and Series

We are the bridge between indies and distribution. We bring our experience and industry connections to the table where they are most needed, with the ultimate goal of finding the right buyer.

We are the best way to attach experienced Producers with real credits and connections to your project while retaining control of the entire process. We have value at every stage of the filmmaking process, from script to post-production and beyond.

Worldwide Sales

We define the appropriate sales strategy for each film, from a single, worldwide deal, to regional, to negotiating various rights for maximum value back to the film.

North American Sales Foreign Sales Estimates Producer Representation Business Affairs and Negotiation

Sales Strategy

Our team has significant experience in sales and marketing. We speak the same language as distributors and are able to guide filmmakers on the best way to increase each film’s appeal.

Marketing Strategy Film Festival Advocacy and Strategy Key Art and Sales Materials


In short, we know what sells. We bring our experience and expertise as filmmakers to bear on your project, providing specific services that help you understand how the market will respond to your work.

Estimates Creative Guidance Business Guidance


We create the go-to-market marketing and advertising strategy, craft placement and budget plans, and handle the entire distribution process.

Advertising Strategy Production and Placement Streaming Online and Direct Theatrical