Distribution and Sales for Film and Series

We are a creative strategy group with the experience to help you grow your business without the risk and overhead of bringing on a full-time team.

We have several services tailored to Distributors:

Looking for the next big concept?

We meet a lot of filmmakers. They frequently send us their films for review, leads, co-pro support, or looking for investors. In this process, we see a lot of great films that are being overlooked, and this is an opportunity for us to shepherd in the BEST OF THE BEST to your next market line-up!

We can locate, vet, and headhunt scripts, finished films, or even the next filmmaker about to break out. We have our finger on the pulse. We audit and shape each project before we bring it to you, so that it can achieve the best success possible for the concept and execution.

In other words, we’ll bring you projects we can defend so you can be sure you don’t have to waste time evaluating ideas that turn out to be DOA.

We’re looking for the next film with the “IT FACTOR” and we won’t waste your time with anything else. Meanwhile, as we learn what you’re looking for, we can seek out your next hit film, with a laser focus, and as a Conduit to you, and the next great film. Let us go hunt for you.

Looking for production backup?

If you’re working on a project and aren’t quite sure about the producer or team, you can bring us on as your watchdog (sometimes referred to as “Producer’s Best Friend”). We’ll lead the team toward financially successful decisions. The key is that we work for you — we’re your eyes and ears on the ground, protecting your investment, and ensuring that the producers in charge of a project stay on target.

Sometimes it’s as simple as key art and marketing advice to the filmmaker, or more complex like helping them make sure their deliverables are in order. From legal to premiere and festival prep, or simply helping the filmmaker understand the landscape, so you don’t have to coach them-Conduit will make your job as a distributor, much simpler.

The Conduit team has produced and sold a lot of films, so we can be the go-between for you, to assure the filmmakers are ready to go with you!

Need something specific?

For projects you’re already targeting — scripts, finished films, even partially filmed — you can have us take over and get them off the ground. Each of these projects will receive the same careful, strategic attention as all of ours.

In essence, you can plug us in at any point in any project. Sometimes to help right the ship, sometimes to just fill a gap.

Conduit can come on and fully produce, support finance and other pre-sales efforts, tax credit or soft-money issues, and help the filmmaker you’re pursuing, and your team, ensure the film gets made to your needs while maintaining the filmmaker’s vision you originally loved.

So now what?

How about getting in touch?