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Kirk Roos

Kirk Roos

Founder & Head of Production

Kirk is known for creating cool indie films with some of the most unique voices in the industry. His combination of creative talents and business experience, have given him a niche in the biz. From Co-Founding Film Finance company NORTHERN LIGHTS, to writing and directing his own projects, or consulting other films, and traveling the world, this North Dakota native enjoys representing his roots in Hollywood.

Kirk recently sold comedy feature, A BETTER YOU, which will screen nationwide this fall. Matt Walsh (VEEP) directed the film, premiering at Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and starred Brian Huskey and Horatio Sanz. Kirk also recently sold a film he co-wrote and produced, called PAINKILLERS (Colm Feore), a psychological-thriller directed by Peter Winther (INDEPENDENCE DAY). The film was shot in Calgary, AB. It will also premiere this fall, sold worldwide by Arclight Entertainment.

Kirk also produced Magnolia Picture’s THE BRASS TEAPOT (Juno Temple), which premiered at Toronto Film Festival, directed by Ramaa Mosley, and he produced Millenium’s HIGH ROAD starring Ed Helms, Dylan O’Brien, Rob Riggle and Lizzy Caplan, also directed by Walsh. One of Kirk’s directorials was PBS documentary AMERICAN HERRO, filmed in Kurdistan/IRAQ, premiering at The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., honored by IDA Global Outreach. Kirk also produced PBS series INDIAN PRIDE, and Lewis and Clark series REDISCOVER THE CORPS.

Kirk is currently finishing feature comedy, BONED (Bai Ling), directed by Laura Lee Bahr, and a documentary he directed, GOLD BLOODED, starring Dakota Fred. Kirk is currently preparing horror-comedy LITTLE GREEN MEN, and is filming horror anthology CU SOON, and casting EVERY OTHER WEEKEND, a comedy directed by Jay Gammill.

Kirk’s films have been seen at over 20 Film Festivals worldwide, which allows him to travel to China, Iraq, Alaska, Cannes, and even a few trips back home. Kirk studied theatre in Minot, ND, and started out in acting. He received his Master’s Degree in Business, and in addition to Conduit, runs Badlands Features, a development/prod company with his wife, Bryn.

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