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A Better You Featured on Deadline

Hypnotherapy Run Amok: Matt Walsh’s ‘A Better You’ At SBIFF – Hot Trailer

“I am a doctor!” declares hypnotherapist Dr. Ron in the new trailer for  A Better You premiering at the 30th annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival on Friday, Jan. 30.  The comedy follows a Hollywood-based therapist, “Dr. Ron” (Brian Huskey of Neighbors) who thinks he has a cure for everyone, but just can’t quite cure himself.  Screaming at his patients — especially when they’re coming out of their hypnosis — is just one of his radical methods.  The quack’s ego becomes so severe that it takes its toll on his marriage with wife Margo (Morgan Walsh of E!’s Burning Love). During this time of deep despair, Dr. Ron turns to Hugo (Saturday Night Live alum Horatio Sanz), the day laborer at the local super hardware store as the potential sage in his life.

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