We are a small group of creatives who enjoy helping great ideas make it to the marketplace.

Kirk Roos, Founder & Head of Production

Kirk Roos

Founder & Head of Production

He’s a soup-to-nuts Producer/Writer, familiar with all the potential potholes in the entire process. Over the years, he has fixed less-than-optimal situations created by powerful film executives as well as newcomers, and handled issues on script dev all the way through movie release. Unlike mere mortals, he has used those challenges to hone his creative ability to make the most of what he’s given.

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Brad Brizendine, Founder & Head of Marketing

Brad Brizendine

Founder & Head of Marketing

He has twenty years as partner and Creative Director at an advertising firm under his belt, leading overall strategy and heading up the motion side of the business. His philosophy is that marketing is a partner, not a bulldozer, especially in highly-creative projects like film and TV. It creates opportunity, and then helps connect that opportunity to the marketplace in ways that result in money.

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Scott Moesta, Strategic Partner & Head of Distribution

Scott Moesta

Strategic Partner & Head of Distribution

He has 25 years in the film distribution game, handling a wide range of films, from major studio releases to sub-million-dollar indies. His experience, taste, and abilities give him a unique insight into the market for films, and unlike most execs, he communicates his point of view with clarity and candor. That’s why he’s a good fit at Conduit.

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Stephen Stanley, Strategic Partner & Head of Content Strategy

Stephen Stanley

Strategic Partner & Head of Content Strategy

Stephen has written, shot, produced, and sold his own films, which gives him a strong empathy for filmmakers. It also gives him a highly strategic viewpoint on how to take a film from concept to sales without missing any opportunities. It’s this combination, together with his ten years of packaging and distribution experience, that makes him such an asset on any production. Most recently, he spearheaded the launch of Ketchup Entertainment’s US and UK Film Distribution.

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Michael J. Weiss, Outside General Counsel

Michael J. Weiss

Outside General Counsel

Mr. Weiss specializes in motion picture finance and distribution transactions and has been production counsel on over 40 completed motion pictures, including numerous films that have competed in Sundance and TriBeCa. In addition, Mr. Weiss is frequently involved in a producing capacity, including producing the Paramount release MIDDLEMEN in 2010 and creating the television series SCRAPPERS that aired on Spike TV.

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